The Future Thrust Awards

"Every year, we revel in the success of the Red-Tailed Hawks Youth Program and celebrate Future Thrust Award Honorees for their efforts to Thrust young people into their Futures.   

Please join us at the Future Thrust Awards and sponsor our youth program." 

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Future Thrust Awards 2022

The Future Thrust Awards are designed to honor individuals for outstanding service to others. The focus is on those that offer a hand-up to the generations that follow them. Future Thrust Awards recognize people that demonstrate an affinity for youth programs, education and career development.

The Future Thrust Award honorees are celebrated annually and presented by the Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club, which is charted by Black Pilots of America, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. This fundraising social event supports the RTH Youth Program and the BPA “Les Morris” Summer Flight Academy.


Les Morris Award for Propelling Youth Programs. This Future Thrust Award venerates folks for creating or contributing to youth organization programming with a STEM focus. This service may manifest itself in mentoring, tutoring, the development of inspirational activities, or effective leadership of volunteers.

Leroy Roberts Award for Propelling Education. This Future Thrust Award honors persons who assist and empower youth in STEM education. This service may manifest itself in the transfer of knowledge, the provision of college funds, or the development of cutting edge curriculum.

Walt Braithwaite Award for Propelling Careers. This Future Thrust Award honors individuals who are involved in career development. This service may manifest itself in career mentoring, technical coaching, professional organization leadership, or influencing business hiring practices in STEM related industries.

Sponsor Level

Gold Wings $10,000
Silver Wings $5000
Red-Tailed Hawker $3,000
Flight Provider $1,000
Nest Builder $500
Fledging Encourager $100

Our Honorees of 2022

The Honorees are:

LaNiqua Bell, Museum of Flight - Les Morris Award for Propelling Youth Programs

Paul Petri, PhD, Washington State University - Leroy Roberts Award for Education

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