LaNiqua Bell works to inspire low-income, underrepresented students (largely youth of color, foster youth, and first-
generation students) to say ‘Yes’ to educational opportunity so they too can graduate from college and earn a livable wage. She
is both privileged and humbled to serve the communities from which her roots lay and has engaged the community for
thirteen years: planning special events, college enrollment, producing highly engaging programs, and contributing to
workforce development.

Currently, she networks within the broader community to inform, engage, and enroll new learners into the Boeing
Academy for STEM Learning at the Museum of Flight. In her spare time she promotes health care equity and is excited to build additional access for students of color to enter the field. She recently developed and taught trainings on Career Connected Learning, Designing Culturally Responsive Programming, and STEM identity (gender and race) for educators to deepen their
skillet. LaNiqua is a seasoned collaborator; she Chairs Expect More, BECOME MORE, a male student of color conference that networks 500 young men to professional men of color through the contributions of 57 Puget sound partners. She has also served as an AmeriCorps volunteer, co-founded and led Shades of Success Girls Mentoring Program, assisted first generation students in becoming admitted into college, fundraised and planned 37 successful educational events that kept 200+ youth and their
families connected to post-secondary education.

LaNiqua is intentional, innovation, and thoughtful in her approach. The staple of her work is including employee’s resources groups, corporate partners, and mentors in her outreach—it is their enthusiasm and willingness to participate that make STEM careers tangible. LaNiqua LOVES the communities she serves and appreciates all who support her in doing so! Building pathways for students to compete in a global society is her top priority, she is looking forward to a world where all groups are gainfully
employed at all levels and facets of the aviation and healthcare industry.