RTH Operational Imperatives & Values

Operational Imperatives

Fly – we are a flying organization. If we are not flying, we’re lying…
Family – we mentor, support, encourage and enjoy each other
Future – we create a culture that inspires, empowers and invests in the future
of others

Our Values

Own Safety - We accomplish our mission safely. If something is unsafe, we
stop operations until it is safe again and report it.

Do The Right Thing - We operate with integrity. We are ethical, open, and
trustworthy in all we say and all we deliver. We are empowered to do the right
thing, and make it right, always.

Be Kindhearted - We care deeply. By showing kindness to our guest and
each other, we continually earn our reputation of being a club people love.

Deliver Performance - We set new standards of excellence. We succeed by
being efficient, dependable and determined.

Be Remarkable - We make lasting impressions in creative and
unconventional ways. We deliver services that are thought provoking,
valuable, impactful, generation changing and worthy of sharing.