Tommie Lamb – 2015 Propelling Education Honoree

Tommie Lamb began his life in a small southern town in Mississippi. He faced a segregated society in school,
work and public accommodations yet, did not let those factors discourage or defeat his desire to better himself.

After high school, joined and served in the United States Coast Guard for four years serving in the Pacific.
After his honorable discharge, he was employed by the Boeing Company for seventeen years in Seattle.
Then he moved to Richland, WA where he worked for the Computer Science Company. While in Richland, he
joined a local community theater and performed several singing and acting roles.

After returning to Seattle, he became active in the Civil Rights movements of the NAACP, CORE and other
civic groups. He also worked for Seattle City Lights and JC Penny’s and later returned to the Boeing Company.
As a member of the First AME Church for many years, he was active in the Sunday School, Enhancement
Program, Men’s Chorus and served as president of the Men’s Brotherhood.

Currently, he serves as of the Sam Bruce Chapter, Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. As president, he is responsible for
raising funds for the Sam Bruce College Scholarship Program and perpetuating the legacy of the Tuskegee

Mr. Lamb has a passion for Black history and the education of youths in the community. He has volunteered
countless hours tutoring young people in math and computer studies. He has leveraged his office with Sam
Bruce Chapter to travel and share the wonderful history of black pilots during World War II as well as
mentoring young men and women to reach their highest potential. He always encourages youths to reach for
the stars and beyond.

Some of his favorite hobbies are collecting vintage comic books, model airplanes, and movies. He is thankful
for God’s love and the opportunity to serve his fellow men.

Tommie is an amazing teller of the Tuskegee Airmen story. He has a way about him that keeps kids inamered
with every word. Further, Tommie has led the Sam Bruce Chapter for the last ten years, and through a difficult
period as the original Tuskegee Airmen aged beyond their ability to serve and passed away. With no serviving
Tuskegee Airmen in Washington, Tommie has steadied the craft in turbulent air and kept the organization
focused on its goal to provide college scholarships.