Leroy Roberts Award for Propelling Education

Dolores Booker is a native Kansan and graduated from Washburn University with a BS in Mathematics and has a MA in Education from Seattle University. Her professional carrier spanned more than 53 years.  Dolores’ first teaching assignment was in Kansas City.   After moving to Seattle, WA, she worked for the Boeing Airplane Company as an “Engineering Aide, Computer”, and spent the last of her four years entering computer data.   In the wake of Russia launching Sputnik, Seattle Schools hired Dolores to teach math.  She began counseling, in 1970, after earning her Master’s and retired in 2008.  

Always active in the community, upon joining the Sam Bruce Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., Dolores immediately began evaluating scholarship applications and became the Pacific Northwest Regional Scholarship Chairperson.