Anthony Metoyer – 2015 Propelling Careers Honoree

Tony Metoyer is Director of Operations for Boeing Research & Technology. He has overall responsibility for
the day-to-day operations of BR&T across its US operations with peripheral responsibilities for international
operations. These responsibilities include ultimate responsibility for a majority of the overhead budgets that
comprise the overhead cost structure within BR&T, as well as, overall responsibility for the Materials &
Process, R&D, and Product Standards labor rates borne by engineers within BR&T. In executing these
responsibilities, he has oversight of all BR&T laboratories, capital, facilities, IT technology and business

Additionally, Tony retained overall responsibility for Business Development within BR&T. This includes
primary responsibly for insuring integration of external Contracted Research and Development (CRAD)
opportunity pursuits activities both within BR&T and with other Boeing Business units. Tony also serves as the
functional leader for the Sales & Marketing skill group within Engineering Operations & Technology.

Prior to his current assignment, Tony was in the Washington D.C Office responsible for coordination of all
activities associated with the identification, capture and execution of programs for the Phantom Works related
to the Washington DC customer community. Areas of focus included weapons, advanced aircraft and system of
system solutions.

Since joining the company in 1985, he has held several positions in technology and advance programs
marketing and business development. Tony holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering
from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a Masters in Business Administration from Indiana University.
Tony is married with two children and currently resides in the Seattle area.

Beyond his professional credentials, Tony has been an effective executive champion of the National Society of
Black Engineers (NSBE) and Boeing Black Employees Association. He shows up, provided insight and
guidance, and ensure these group acquires corporate funding. His work with NSBE and support of the National
Convention has allowed more and more students to be recruited by The Boeing Company. In addition, the Boeing
flight competition where he serves as a judge and emcee, enables students to broaden their minds about airplanes.