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"This is a year-around STEM program that meets monthly to expose students to different aspects of the aerospace industry.  Every meeting includes pilot knowledge and aviation history.  There are opportunities to participate in student-led Rover Observation and Discoveries in Space (ROADS) challenge teams and out-of-state STEM programs. • $20 annual membership

The Red-Tailed Hawks Youth Program educates and introduces underrepresented youth to the exciting world of aviation.  We promote an interest in aviation history along with engaging young minds in practical applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  RTH students engage in STEM activities, experience aerospace industry facilities, learn pilot knowledge, and fly in general aviation airplanes.  Young people who want to learn to fly can earn full-scholarships for Red-Tailed Hawks Flight Lessons for Youth (FLY) and the Black Pilots of America, Inc. “Les Morris” Summer Flight Academy."

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Red-Tailed Hawks Youth Program

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