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"Red-Tailed Hawks Inbound!"

Why Choose Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club?

RTH Aviation Day Camp

RTH Aviation Day Camp is one-day exposure to the world of aviation offered in partnership with Sam Bruce Chapter Tuskegee Airmen. Students experience the Museum of Flight and fly in real planes.

Red-Tailed Hawks FLY!

RTH Flight Lessons for Youth (FLY) is a flight training program held at Galvin Flying, Boeing Field, Seattle, WA sponsored by NASA through the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline (NESSP). If you would like to be a 2020 FLY Cadet. Please click HERE to fill-out our application and email it to flywa.bpa@gmail.com.

Please share our brochure to future cadets. Thank you!

RTH Fly Brochure

BPA Summer Flight Academy

This is a BPA national program in Houston, TX during which cadets receive 10 hours of flight training and 40 hours of ground school. Red-Tailed Hawks Chapter sponsors 3-5 student members annually. 336 hours • $3600 (Full-Scholarships for Members)

Red-Tailed Hawks Youth Program

This is a year-around STEM program that meets once a month to expose students to different aspects of the aerospace industry. Every meeting includes pilot knowledge and aviation history. 4 hours • $20 membership

Red-Tailed Hawks Aviation Experience Experience 2021

Rising 6th -  12th Grade Students - Fly With Us!

The Friday online experience will introduce you to aerospace
engineering, the Tuskegee Airmen story, and allow you to engage
with several aerospace and college professionals. The Saturday
airport experience will introduce you to the world of aviation while
you engage in Earth and space sciences.

Coming Soon 2021, via Zoom

Zoom Session Schedule Day 1

Coming Soon 2021

Zoom Session Schedule Day 2



Discover Our Love For Flying!

Our Story of the Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club

Teenager Flies High and Becomes Licensed Pilot

NBC Nightly News with Lestor Holt

Some of the things we do:


We fly airplanes


We fly together and with other BPA chapters


We teach, coach and mentor


We give airplane rides


We host fly-ins


We host social events


We encourage youth to remain in school


We promote pilot proficiency

Jesse Hayes IV 

Founder & President

Growing up in Houston, TX, he was first introduced to aviation by the Bronze Eagles Flying Club in 1968. His first solo was at the age of 15. He remained connected to general aviation while in the Air Force and helped start a new chapter of Black Pilots of America, Inc. (BPA): the Arkansas Thunderbirds. While living in Waco, TX, he started the Bronze Eagles Flying Club’s Waco Region and the annual Waco Youth Fly-In. Now a resident of Washington State, he has introduced BPA to the Puget Sound area as President of the Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club (RTH). Under his leadership RTH has grown to be the largest chapter in BPA and created a year-around youth program, two aviation camps and a formal flight training program – Red-Tailed Hawks FLY. With over 40 years of aviation and space operations experience, introducing youth to the aerospace industry is his ministry.

Join our team of members and students