August 27

Our 2018 Annual Joint Picnic with EAA84

Annual Picnic


On August 11th the Red-Tailed Hawks partnered with EAA 84 for our annual Joint Picnic. The Lord blessed by lifting the clouds enough to fly in spite of intermittent showers at Harvey Field, WA. Forty-six participated including 24 youth who enjoyed Young Eagles flights. RTH appreciates the efforts of Jim McGauhey and Richard Morrison of EAA84 for recruiting pilots and organizing the flights.

Here is the best part: Our BPA Summer Flight Academy and Red-Tailed Hawks FLY Cadets like Bella Capuano and Maya McDonald took opportunities to teach the younger youth how to pre-flight an airplane.

Kiki Tatah Mentan, RTH, presented the history lesson on Ruth Carol Taylor, a journalist and registered nurse who became the first black female flight attendant (stewardess) when she joined Mohawk Airlines in 1958. When Mohawk announced its interest in hiring minority flight attendants Taylor was selected from over 800 black applicants.

Jovonia Taylor, Boeing 767 Chief Project Engineer, led the students in a hands-on lesson in the basics of airplane system design. This involved making paper airplanes that hosted a circuit that lighted an LED and flying them. Thanks to Dr. Tyria Riley, her colleague at Boeing for assisting with the lesson.

The food was awesome. Families brought side dishes and desserts to go along with the freshly grilled hamburgers and fried chicken. Next year will be bigger and better.

Red-Tailed Hawks Youth Program

Red-Tailed Hawks Youth Program

Julian Dorsey is a Private Pilot!

Julian Dorsey is a Private Pilot!

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