August 10

The 2022 Red-Tailed Hawks FLY Cadets

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The 2022 Red-Tailed Hawks FLY Cadets concluded their training with leadership opportunities and a graduation ceremony at RTH Aviation Day Camp. After two weeks of concentrated academic study and flight training, ten FLY Cadets shared some of what they learned with the campers. The FLY Cadets escorted six groups of campers to three activities – a museum tour and scavenger hunt, an aviation learning center, and Earth science observation flights. FLY Cadets also worked the flight line as ground crew ensuring campers safely boarded and de-boarded the airplanes.

After the camp activity rotations, the FLY Cadets gathered in their camper groups to share their knowledge of the fundamentals of flight and atmospheric pressure. The camp finished with the Red-Tailed Hawks FLY graduation during which the FLY Cadets shared two things they learned from the experience with the audience of campers and parents. Congrats, to the all the FLY Cadets! The top three were Ishitha Arekapudi, Dillon Stidwell, Jessi Martinez and Lily Anderson.

Many thanks to our partner Galvin Flying and generous benefactors Leading Edge Jet Center and Whirly Bird Aviation who made the 2022 Red-Tailed Hawks Flight Lesson for Youth (FLY) possible. Now we are counting on a generous community to help us empower their continued flight training to Private Pilot and beyond.





Rumeisa Maresha is on fire!!!

Rumeisa Maresha is on fire!!!

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