Dear Prospective Member:

Please complete the application form and attach a photo copy of your FAA certificate and return to the following address:

Jesse Hayes

PO Box 1403 Mukilteo, Washington 98275.

There are five (5) classes of membership in BPA: Regular, Associate, Student, Family and Honorary 

Regular - $95.00* (National - $60.00 + Local - $35.00) - Anyone who holds or has held a FAA Medical Certificate or its military equivalent, NASA Astronaut, or NASA Astronaut Trainer can be a regular member.  Regular members are eligible to vote in national elections.  Regular members possess rights as outlined in the BPA Constitution.

Associate - $70.00* (National - $35.00 + Local - $35.00) - Associate members are individuals who share the aviation interest of BPA but have not attained the requirements of a regular member and pledge to support the Constitution of BPA.  Associate members can run for office, except for president, vice-president and chief pilot and vote for local officers.

Student - $20.00 (National - $10.00 + Local - $10.00) - There are two classes of Student Membership.

  • (Q) - Students who are full time at an accredited institution, 23 years old or younger and hold a FAA Medical Certificate are designated "Q" suffix and are eligible to vote and possess rights as outlined in the BPA Constitution under Regular Membership.
  • (S) - Students who do not meet "Q" requirements are designated "S" suffix which will be upgraded to "Q" when requirements are met.

Family - $20.00 (National - $10.00 + Local - $10.00) - Family membership is open to immediate family or regular members.  Family members are not eligible to vote or possess any rights to property or assets of the organization.

Honorary - Honorary members are persons invited to become such at the absolute discretion of the Board of Directors.  Honorary members shall continue to hold tis status for such period as the Bord of Directors may direct Honorary members who meet the requirements for regular membership are eligible to vote and possess rights as outlined in the BPA Constitution, without paying dues.

*** (Please provide a photo copy of your FAA certificate)***

E-MAIL: Admin@RedTailedHawksFlyingClub.org

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