November 5

Red-Tailed Hawks held a meeting hosted by the Pacific Science Center.

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On Saturday, 15 October 2022, the Red-Tailed Hawks held a meeting hosted by the Pacific Science Center. PacSci is our partner in the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pathway (NESSP) and we greatly appreciate their continued support.

Thirty-Three students engaged in a dynamic presentation and discussion that covered the forming of the FAA, aircraft types, and pilot certification requirements from recreational pilot to airline transport pilot. Afterward, several student members provided the history lesson by reading their Aviation History Essays required by chapter 1 of the RTH PHAK Activities Workbook.

Next, Heather Ross, an engineer, and Boeing test pilot led a discussion involving the life of a test pilot and an overview of her career including her service as a US Air Force pilot.

The formal discussion closed with the president encouraging the students to have a Red-Tailed mentality. He urged them to be willing to fight the right flight, completely based on established standards, and work together. He went on present the NESSP project called Artemis ROADS as an opportunity to work together. The Artemis ROADS challenge will be in full swing January-May.

Lastly, the students were divided into groups, explored the PacSci exhibits, and enjoyed learning in the planetarium.




Red-Tailed Hawks Youth Program

Red-Tailed Hawks Youth Program

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