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What makes up an ad on Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club?

We have three different ad sizes:

1)  180 x 180 pixels image, which links to the website of your choice. The image can be a logo, message or even a photo of your business. You can see the ads right now in the right-hand column of this page. They rotate randomly but evenly through the six spots on the home page and the story pages (so if we have 12 ads, your ad will be seen on 50% of the page views).

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We work with an affordable graphic designer who can create an ad for you.

How many page views do you get?

We’re averaging more than 100,000 page views with 20,000 unique users a month. And we’re still growing.

When will the ad run?

As soon as you or the graphic designer provide our ad manager with the ad.

Can I change the ad image and/or text during the campaign?

Yes, any time you need to. Just email the new information to Joe Villarino at

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! You can either pay in full by check or credit card. Payment must be received before the ad goes online.

Can I buy ads on your affiliated blogs from

Yes! For more information, please email Joe Villarino at

Are there some kinds of advertising you won’t accept?

We will not accept any offensive, spam-like or questionable ads. We reserve the right to refuse any ad submitted to RTH.